Styling How to

People often ask us "How should I style my hair?"

So we sat down and made a series of styling videos to help you find your best hair.

Product: Perfect Putty by Fatboy

Technique: • Warm Perfect Putty in hands. • Apply to towel dried hair from back to front. • Blow dry while working fingers through hair. • Creates all day texture.

Product: One Prep Spray by R+Co || Sea Salt Pomade & Spray Putty by Fatboy Hair

Technique: • For a soft tussled mid length lob. • Apply One Spray to towel dried hair. • Work Sea Salt Putty in hands before applying to hair. • Comb through with a medium size round brush. • Start at the base of the hairline. • Once section is dry, twist the hair with the round brush. • Continue to apply heat until dry. • Let hair fall into natural place. • Before shaking out, apply Spray Putty.

Product: Sea Salt Pomade & Spray Putty by Fatboy Hair

Technique: • For a mild texture pixie. • Take a moderate amount Sea Salt Pomade. • Work into towel dried hair, back to front. • Blow dry on a low to medium speed. • Use a vent brush to work hair back & forth. • Once almost dry, use fingers to create natural texture. • Finish lightly with Spray Putty.

Product: Perfect Putty & Spray Putty by Fatboy Hair

Technique: • For a modern sleek look that is touchable. • Start with a moderate amount of Perfect Putty. • Apply evenly to towel dried hair. • Blow dry straight back. • Once 3/4 dry, apply Spray Putty. • Finish blow drying with hands. • Creates a sleek look without helmet affect.

Product: One Prep Spray & Tinsel Smoothing Oil by R+Co || Perfect Putty by Fatboy Hair

Technique: • Apply One Spray for moisture & Tinsel Oil for shine. • Section the hair into 2 sections from bottom to top. • Start with the curling iron about 3-4” from the root. • Wrap the hair around the curling iron slowly releasing the iron, moving down the hair shaft. • Move from front to back. • Finish with Perfect Putty for all day, wind resistant curls.

Product: Boss Dog & Spray Putty by Fatboy Hair

Technique: • Apply nickel size of styling cream to palm & work into hair from roots to end. • Blow dry diffused. • Apply spray over top and shake out.