Capital city happenings

The hair cut is a universal experience. It crosses culture, class, and creed. No matter if your an graphic designer, selling mineral rights, or starting a  business. Everyone gets one at some point in their life. Though the hair cut is a universal experience the function of the hair cut is not. You might be able to make the case that our hair reflects our worldview. Hair functions as a tool for us to be perceived as wealthy, poor, maybe religious , or an early adopter of trend. 

So, lets combine that with an experience that is deeply relational. Some people would kill for their hairdresser, barber, stylist(whatever term you wanna use.) Generally we are the first to know when a relationship is going through a hard time, or your having your first kid, a death or you landed that  job interview. We experience the milestones, we celebrate. We experience the valleys, and we mourn. There are not many industries where its ok to rest both palms ones shoulders look them in the eye and say, "I'm so sorry", or give them a joyous hug of celebration. The hair cut is a beautiful thing. its not just a haircut, its not just an image. its an opportunity to slow down, and be relational. An opportunity to get to know your neighbor, meet someone new, have a conversation with someone who might be different from you. 

I believe that hair cuts keep us human. Its the 3-6 week reminder that we are in this together. Even if it is only 30 minutes to an hour , its an experience that allows us to be vulnerable, to laugh, to listen, to suffer with each other, to work through whats going on in our lives and in our cities. Whatever your culture , your class, your creed, pursue the things that make us human. Have conversations, be vulnerable. its ok, where in this together. and lastly, don't forget, that your probably need a haircut.